13 July 2009

Code Analysis Summary

A quality code summary on the code cover sheet will exhibit four characteristics:
  1. Clarity: It will present the information in a logical and legible way so that information can be easily located.
  2. Conciseness: It will not contain irrelevant information or information that does not vary from one project to another.
  3. Correctness: It will reflect an accurate analysis of the building and will display requirements next to actual design attributes for easy confirmation.
  4. Completeness: It will encompass a summary of all categories necessary to demonstrate code compliance.

The National CAD Standard provides several categories for code information: Governing Regulations Summary, General Building Summary, Room-by-Room Egress, Foor-by-Floor Egress, Fire Resistance Ratings, Accessiblity, and Plumbing Fixture Tabulation.

This is a good start, but not quite complete. Many jurisdictions will want, for example, a listing of the responsible design professionals, a summary of the Life Safety features, key Structural Design assumptions, and an Energy Summary. All these are important and varying considerations in the International Building Code.

Here is a more complete outline for a clear and concise code summary:
  • Project Information
  • Jurisdiction Information
  • Applicable Governing Regulations
  • List of Design Professionals
  • Site-Related Design Criteria
  • General Building Summary
  • List of Special Uses and Occupancies
  • List of Fire Areas (showing mixed occupancies)
  • Occupancy Separation
  • Fire Resistance Ratings
  • Fire Protection Features
  • Means of Egress Summary
  • Accessibility Counts
  • Energy Efficiency Summary
  • Structural Design Criteria
  • Plumbing Fixture Counts
The IBC 2006 Code Analysis is a tool for analyzing and calculating key building code requirements as they relate to a particular project. This Excel spreadsheet is designed to help you achieve the four principles enumerated above. After the analysis is complete, you can copy the compiled information it into a word processor or drafting program for further formatting and editing.

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