11 June 2009

Stair Calculator

This stair calculator is designed for architects of commercial steel stairs. It makes the following plan, section, and detail calculations:
  • Straight versus switchback stairs
  • Rough opening
  • Under-landing clearance
  • Angle of rise
  • Actual riser height based on overall height and tread length
  • Required landing stringer depth to align stair workpoints
  • Running length of treads
  • Stairwell width and length
  • Landing length required for door clearance in switchback stairs
  • Actual clearance between guardrails or handrails to confirm code compliance
It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to which I've added graphics and cell protections to make it act like a single-purpose program. The cells highlighed in yellow act as program inputs for your particular stair. The cells highlighted in light blue act as program constants that you can change according to your preferences. The spreadsheet is not password protected so you can customize it to your needs. Or, you can email me with your requirements if you are not confident with your Excel skills.

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